3 Things Your Real Estate Reels May Be Missing

instagram real estate marketing real estate video Mar 21, 2022

Are your video views on Instagram and Facebook way down lately?


You’re making video Reels for real estate but still not getting traction on your page?


I’d bet you’re spending a ton of time making Reels (way too much time)…


…I get it, you want to see a return on your time investment in the form of new buyer and seller leads.


Your Reels may be missing a few key elements to them which could be the reason why they’re not reaching more people and bringing you new prospective buyers and sellers.


If you want to get more views on your Instagram & Facebook Reels, you must include these 3 components to catch the eyes of your ideal people!


Don’t miss the last tip - it’s an important one!



You have 3 seconds to grab a viewer's attention.

Include a short, concise headline of what your Reel is about, as on-screen text, in the first few seconds of the Reel.

This will explain exactly what the Reel is about, who the ideal person it is for and who it will help.




Transitions are used in Reels to take the viewer from one scene to another scene.

Transitions entertain the viewer and results in longer watch time of your videos.

Use a transition in your video within the first few seconds to capture the viewer's attention.

A transition can be as simple as changing scenes after each statement. Keep the element of surprise alive with transitions.




A CTA is a Call-To-Action and is used to guide the viewer to take an action in the form of a directive.

Be clear and specific with what you want the viewer to do.

For example, do you want them to send you a DM for a free home value estimate? Say that. Do you want them to call you to get pre-qualified for a loan to start shopping for homes?

Communicate with urgency for swift action.

Include the CTA at the end of the Reel with on-screen text and in your caption.


This is the second part in the Reels series of tips…check out the last blog for part 1 to see if you’re making these common Reels mistakes.

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