5 Reel Ideas for Real Estate Agents

I’m giving you five Reel ideas for Realtors (R). Reels are short-form videos on Instagram, that will strategically help you gain more followers and convert them into homebuyers and sellers. 

Hi, I’m Jill and I help female real estate agents get more eyeballs on them through social media content marketing and advertising strategies so that they can sell more homes. 

These short-form videos, called Reels on Instagram and similar to a TikTok video, are an excellent way of communicating your value to get more people following you and liking what you have to offer them.

The Reels game, let’s back up here for a minute, the social media game is not about how many followers you can get. It’s about having quality people connect and engage with you. People who, over time will begin to trust you and then will want to hire you.

You can accomplish the goal of selling more homes to your people on Instagram and Facebook without having 10,000 followers. I’m living proof of that. In fact, you only need a small number of people to become part of your inner circle to start selling more homes. 

What will help you sell you more homes to your perfect people on Instagram & Facebook is the content that you produce and send out into the social media world.

You want to publish content that is going to engage and entertain customers to hook them and keep watching. You want to educate them by sharing your knowledge of the housing market and how to navigate through it. And you want to inspire your potential buyers and sellers to work with you by showing them the value you will provide to them when they hire you.

The reason we’re diving deep and focusing on Reels right now is that they are the bee’s knees of Instagram, the golden child, the thing that is getting the most attention from the algorithm and therefore helping you attract more of your perfect people faster. That’s right when you begin using Reels on Instagram, on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to attract more potential buyer and seller leads.  I recommend posting at least one Reel a day to see growth.

The only caveat is that you must use Reels to share relevant content that is informational, entertaining and inspiring for your perfect people. 

It must be said that if you decide to make Reels about random thoughts or negative complaints, then this strategy won’t work. Stick with me here and I’ll provide you 5 ideas that are relevant &  educational for real estate and will inspire your audience that you can use over and over to make video Reels.

Some of the most popular Reels that are gaining popularity with home buyers and sellers are PROPERTY TOURS. Tours of the interior and exterior homes. Here’s an idea: Show your potential customers a tour of a home priced at $500,000, or $1 million dollars, and explain to them that this home is priced at X and this is what you can get for the listed price.

A couple of tips to make this Reel even more interesting to catch someone’s eye. Use high-energy music as the background. The Reel should be a walk-through video of the home, highlighting its best features - the kitchen, pool and patio, fabulous great room. Edit the video to speed up (1.5x or 2x) when you’re transitioning from room to room. This takes away the boring parts between empty spaces and keeps people’s attention longer because they’re focused on seeing each beautiful room.

The second video idea is to show off the community, the town where you live, work, and play in a COMMUNITY TOUR Reel. Highlight the best places to eat dinner, to see a great view of the sunset, to play in the park, to enjoy a nature hike. While you’re out and about, take short video clips of these areas and save them on your camera roll. Once a week, choose a trending song for the video and combine the video clips that you previously saved into a highlight reel. Keep each video clip 2-3 seconds each, to keep the video moving and interesting to the viewer. Be sure to add text to describe the videos you are showing in your reel.

Another idea for a Reel is to film short clips when you are working to show your audience BEHIND-THE-SCENES of your job. This can be anything from making calls to set up showings for your new buyer, researching homes to create a CMA report, preparing your listing documents, walking up to a home going to a listing appointment, on the phone negotiating an offer contract, home inspection time, celebrating a clear to close notification, a just sold. Think about every thing you do throughout your work day and break those activities into smaller scenes that you can capture on video. Piece them together in a highlight Reel to show behind the scenes.

The fourth idea to make a Reel is to share an EXPERT TIP with your audience. Hand out sound advice on how to purchase and sell a home. Think about your FAQ’s you receive from buyers and sellers. Take notes when you’re at appointments of what they’re asking you. Share your answers in a Reel. You’ll want to keep the Reel to one topic with 1-3 tips max to keep the viewer engaged. With every tip or sentence, edit the video to begin a new scene with each to make it even more interesting and to keep the viewer’s attention. Use text to show the questions and answers.

And the fifth idea for a Reel is to create a highlight video of your CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS. Gather video testimonials from your recent customers and combine them together to make a Reel. Pull a sentence out from each of the testimonials and add 3-5 testimonial clips together. Add text to show you how you helped each customer find a solution. 

I’ve shared 5 ideas with you to get started making Reels and rotate these 5 content buckets daily. Let’s recap. 

The 5 Reel Ideas for Real Estate Agents are: 

1. A Property tour - show off a home worth $500,000 and all of its features

2. A Community tour - show off the community, the town where you live, work, and play in a Reel.

3. Behind-the-Scenes - film short clips when you are working to show your audience behind the scenes in the daily life of a real estate agent.

4. An FAQ Reel - share an expert tip with your audience about how to purchase and sell a home.

5. And, a Customer testimonial reel. Gather video testimonials from your recent customers and combine them together to make a highlight Reel.

Each idea is broad and can be broken down into smaller ideas so in essence what you have here is an endless bucket of content to begin creating Reels. Use your Reels to cast a larger net and begin attracting more of your perfect buyers and sellers. The more people you have engaged, the more homes you will sell.

If you’re looking for more content ideas to post, 365 more ideas then check out the 365 Calendar of Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents here!



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