5 Ways to Market to your Niche in Real Estate - The Series Part 3 of 3

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Let's dive right in! This is the third and final part of my blog series about niche marketing in real estate and we're laying out 5 marketing best practice strategies that will get you noticed by more customers.

We’ve identified the niche markets in real estate. We’ve also worked through the exercise of defining our niche and creating a unique selling proposition by doing so. 

Your marketing message should be clear and repetitive so people remember what you do. This includes advertising your unique selling proposition in various methods to appeal to all niche customers. 

Having a clear purpose in mind is great, but if you don’t market directly to your ideal customer, your proposition will fall flat and your business will be stagnant.

To avoid this, we’re going to uncover 5 modern ways to market specifically to your niche online, click here to watch!



As a content marketing strategist, I help real estate agents brand themselves and produce content that shows off who they are as a human and as a real estate agent in the best light so they can connect more with their ideal home buyers and sellers. 


Does creating content for social media videos intimidate you? You don’t know what to say? You’re not comfortable with dancing or lip-synching? Think it’s too time-consuming for little or no return? Don’t have the time to post consistently? 


I’m excited to help you push through those fears by having the right tools and a simple plan to follow, whether it’s a written post or a video template, you’ll have the confidence you need to publish your content consistently and become the agent with authority on social media. 


I created this marketing business because I saw a gap between real estate agents who are highly motivated, who offer an exceptional service but don’t have the time for the old traditional ways of lead generation, AND an effective content marketing plan for social media that will attract the right home buyers and sellers. I’m closing the gap by giving you the content in the form of ready-to-post Reels videos, newsfeed & story templates, copy and paste real estate captions, a monthly content calendar and other marketing templates to grow your business.


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