Examples of Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents to inspire your social feed

It’s happened to all of us. Each morning after we wake up, sip our morning beverage, and get the kids ready and off to school. 

We’re ready to start the workday but then...

The momentum of the day comes to a screeching halt.

We’re scrambling for something clever and cool to post on our social media but have no ideas.

We begin to stare at the phone wondering what to say that day that will attract more people to like your page. 

We start searching for inspiration online for real estate social posts, just to come up short an hour later.

Let’s stop the madness of this forever cycle of what-should-I-post-today right in its tracks.

You may be thinking,
so what kind of content really works to attract more people to follow you on social media for Realtors(R)? 

Here’s the answer: content that sticks.

Content that gives people a reason to come back for more. 

Content that teaches people about what they’re interested in. 

Content that delivers value to your ideal person.

Content that relates to themselves.

Content that makes a connection between them and you.

If you look closely at these statements, you’ll see that each of them fit nicely into a category, or what I like to refer to as a content pillar. 

You need to create a mix of content that is interesting, helpful and inspiring so that people come back to your page to consume more.

There are seven content pillars that are pertinent to use in your content mix when posting to your social media.

To teach people about real estate, create educational posts. 

There are endless amounts of ideas for this, including explaining definitions of real estate terms, providing local market reports, and giving tips to buyers and sellers that will make their lives easier.

Show them how the market is performing by showcasing your behind-the-scenes and what it takes to buy or sell a home. 

If you want to deliver massive value to your people, share helpful resources and tips.

Ideas here can range from a list of the most active playgrounds in your town, a list of challenging golf courses to play, and local event happenings. 

To attract your inner circle of customers, discover your niche market and market directly to them with connection posts that they can relate to and connect with you on.

Strike up a conversation on social media by asking them open-ended questions, like how long have you lived in your current home? Or, are you living in your dream home?

You also want to share your personal story - to show your customers who you are, what you stand for and your why behind being a real estate agent. 

Lastly, there is power in the proof. Always include a customer testimonial as social proof that you’re an awesome agent! The more proof you have the more attracted people will be to you and your business.

To recap, here are the seven content pillars you should be including in your social media strategy:

1 - Personal - to have your followers to get to know you, trust you and want to work with you

2 - Educational - to show authority in the real estate business

3 - Useful - sharing local resources and tips to help home buyers and sellers

4 - Behind-the-scenes information - to show what really happens in the life of a real estate agent

5 - Promotional - to build your social proof so others see how successful you are and want to hire you

6 - Conversational - to find your people and relate to them so you can build a deeper connection and 

7 - Local information - educate your customers with your town’s news and happenings to show your the local expert agent

By weaving all seven content pillars into your social media posts, you’ll be creating a story that people will want to follow and will want to be a part of.

You can accomplish this by stacking these seven content pillars and using them on a daily basis to create sticky social media posts.

Mixing up a variety of these seven pillars of content will have people coming back for more and even wanting to hire you as their agent.

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