How to Attract the Right Buyers & Sellers Using this Social Media Strategy

instagram real estate marketing Mar 02, 2022

Did you know that people are searching for Realtors®, just like YOU, on social media right now?

It’s true. Just like you are looking for them, they are looking for their perfect agent.

In the blog post, How to Create Killer Content to Grow your Real Your Real Estate Brand on Social Media, it talks about what types of content buyers and sellers want to consume.


Content, itself, can only take you so far…if you want to attract the RIGHT home buyers and sellers…you also need to incorporate these 4 key elements into your social media strategy.

When searching, buyers and sellers are looking for someone to help them solve their real estate problems. Essentially, they’re looking for solutions, it’s your job to provide solutions for them. 

Use your social media posts to teach your dream buyers & sellers about real estate. Explain in detail what it takes to buy and sell a home so they can understand & learn the process.

There’s a ton of noise on social media. How do you grab someone’s attention long enough to make them stay on your profile longer?

You can do this by entertaining them.

Amuse, delight, charm your ideal customers so they remember you and come back for more content.

In a world where there are DIY resources at our fingertips, most people are eager to try to solve their own problems. Typically, this happens at the beginning of the home buying and selling research phase. 

Help your dream buyers and sellers feel like if they want to do something they can accomplish it.

Be the example, show what's possible, tell a story of what could be, and empower your dream buyers and sellers. They’ll see you as the expert and will subsequently hire you when they’re ready.

Lastly, you have to put all of these together in your brand voice - the way your words flow, the language you use and the way you show your personality.

People will come for the content and stay for the brand, in this case for the agent.


Combine these 4 elements together for a successful social media strategy for real estate.


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