How to Build Your Real Estate Brand on Social Media in Less Time

real estate branding real estate video Jan 17, 2023

Creating a successful real estate brand necessitates gaining the trust of your target audience by allowing them to become familiar with and appreciate your brand.


There are numerous strategies to promote your business. But, if you don’t have a ton of time to spend, leveraging the power of social media video is the fastest way to build a trustworthy brand.


Using video on social media is like being in a room full of people with a mic in your hand and the eyes of all the guests on you, but without having to leave your office, or living room. Video is a powerful tool: it instantly attracts attention, increases engagement, and most importantly — builds trust.


There are 3 types of videos that are working well for real estate agents right now:


#1 - Talking Head videos: This is YOU on camera giving an edu-taining (educational + entertaining) tip about your business. Warning: This may take stepping out of your comfort zone but you can do it!


This type of Reel really helps to position your brand as the authority. Give a relevant tip that will help your buyers and sellers make progress towards their goals. Be your authentic self when filming this type of Reel.


Do something interesting and bring action to the video while you’re talking. It will help your ideal clients connect with you to build trust faster. People hire people they know, like and trust.


#2 - Original Audio - Create Your Own Audio that your buyers + sellers can use.


Record a voiceover on one of your videos. The message should be relatable to your clients - how they’re feeling, what they’re doing - so they can reuse your audio to create a Reel of their own. For an example, watch this video I created for my audience to use in one of their own videos.


#3 - Property Videos with on-screen text


Don’t feel like showing up on camera today? No problem. Homes are your business. Show them off in the background while you give an informative tip with text overlay. 


Use short video clips - under 15 seconds - with movement and action shots of homes. Share a real estate tip with timed text on the video. Both the action and the tips will keep your audience watching longer and they’ll start binge-watching your other content to learn more.


Social media video is the fastest way to build a brand, and growing a real estate business can be done quickly with the right strategies and execution. Promoting your real estate business online is one of many strategies that will lead to success in this industry.


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