How to Fix Your Reels to Attract More Home Buyers & Sellers

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As of today, Reels are the number one growth component for Instagram - which means they are acting as a major source of lead generation for Realtors® all over the world. When used strategically Reels can bring you hot prospective buyer and seller leads because they have the power to reach thousands of people in a short time. 


The more people you reach, the right people, the more engagement and followers you’ll get.


To attract the right people, you must use relevant real estate content in your Reels to show prospective buyers and sellers how you can help solve their real estate needs.


Once you’ve locked in your content strategy, and you’re confident about it, but you’re still not reaching new prospects with your Reels, try troubleshooting your Reels by asking yourself these 3 questions as you analyze your Reels’ performance.


Are you using trending audio?

Trending audio is audio that is gaining popularity through the use of it in other Reels.

Using trending audio can help push out your Reel video and increase the reach of it exponentially.

The Reel must also include the other key elements in it to get engagement - likes and comments. Other key elements of a Reel are explained in more details here - read Don’t Make These Reel Mistakes for Real Estate and 3 Things Your Real Estate Reels may be Missing.


How long is your Reel?

The length of a Reel can be anywhere up to 60 seconds long.

The optimal length of a Reel is much shorter. Think 15 seconds or less if you want to have longer watch time of your video by more people.

To keep your Reel under 15 seconds, keep your message short and sweet. Highlight 1-3 bullet points of information that will be most useful to your dream buyer and seller.


Are you using good lighting?

Good lighting is imperative to a high-performing Reel.

If the viewer is scrolling by and they only see a dark shadow in the video, they're going to keep scrolling by.

Light up the room with a ring light (Amazon), film in a well-lit area, like a room with lots of windows.

Test your lighting. Film a few seconds with your lighting set up and check to see if the video is light and bright.

Filters on Instagram and editing apps like InShot can also be used to brighten a video.


Give these troubleshooting tips a try to fix your Reels and get more leads so you can make more sales! 


This is part three in a series of Reels tips for Realtors®, check out the last blog for 3 things your real estate Reels may be missing.




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