The 5 Secrets to Driving More Traffic to Your Facebook Business Page

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Who else wants to grow their audience on their Facebook business page to reach more people and to sell more?


Having a business page on Facebook is some of the best advertising for realtors(R). 


If you’re not already convinced you need a larger audience to grow your business, let’s break it down here.


A larger audience means more leads.


More leads mean more buyers and sellers to help with their real estate.


More buyers and sellers lead to more sales.


Simple, right?


Yes, but how do you grow your audience on Facebook when there is so much noise already in the newsfeed?


We’re going to talk about Facebook marketing for realtors in this blog and how to improve your page and grow your audience


There are 5 secrets to driving more traffic to your Facebook business page. 


The first secret is super simple but most agents aren’t willing to invest the time or energy into doing it. Engage with the people who are on your page. Social media is supposed to be for socializing yet so often I see posts with comments without any responses from the page owner. 


Socialize with your people - ask intriguing open-ended questions that spark a commonality amongst you and that people will relate to. Do not ask yes or no questions, those types of questions may not elicit any answers and the post will not gain any traction.


Let your friends socialize on your page and allow your people to tag you, themselves or their friends in their posts. This will increase your page’s visibility and attract more people to it.


Another way to drive more traffic to your page is to be cognizant of the types of posts you post to your page and optimize them for the platform. Use the formats that the platform prefers. Right now, square and vertical videos are preferred on Facebook. Verticals work because viewers are consuming content from their smartphones. 

Also, limit the amount of text that is on your image. If there is too much text, it can appear to be a spammy post, which Facebook will want to bury in the algorithm. 

The last quick fix to optimize your content on the page is to keep readers on your page by not redirecting them to an outside/foreign link. A link like looks deceptive on your page and the algorithm doesn’t like it. Using your registered business website is OK, but when possible, keep readers on Facebook by not including links to redirect consumers to.


The third secret to driving more traffic to your Facebook page is to share it with others! What are some simple ways you can share your page? Link the page site in your email signature, add a feature section on your website that talks about liking your Facebook page, and post about it on your personal profile page with a call to action to follow. 

The fourth way of attracting more of your ideal customer to your page on Facebook is to link your business page to your personal page, and link your business page to your group if you have one. Once you’ve linked all of your pages together, continue to engage and comment on all of your posts within the group and actively engage. It’s OK to like and comment on your own posts!


Lastly, the fifth way of driving more traffic to your business page is to ask your customers - your buyers and sellers whom you’ve delivered an outstanding service to provide you with social proof about how awesome you are and have them post it in the review section of your Facebook page. 


Social proof goes a long way in today’s digital age. If you want to use digital methods to find new leads, expect your new leads to research you in the same digital manner. Sharing your success stories will seal the deal for them to hire you as their agent.

Let’s recap, the five secrets to driving more traffic to your Facebook page in 3 minutes are:


1 - Be social and engage with your people on your page

2 - Optimize your page by posting the platform’s favored formats

3 - Share your page with others and invite them to like it

4 - Link your personal, business, and group pages together and engage in all of them

5 - Post your social proof on your page for others to see it

These are all simple tips that will drive more traffic to your page and increase your visibility!

 Which tip will you try first?

For examples of content that will inspire your social media feed, read the blog here!




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