The Must-Have IG Strategy for Realtors®

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 How do you use Instagram for your real estate business? Do you have a strategy that’s working to attract new home buyers and sellers to you? 

Today I’m sharing a strategy with you that will help you build awareness, a community amongst your followers that will become strong advocates for your real estate brand.

This strategy I’m sharing today is the same strategy that I use for my multiple businesses and for other real estate agents to help them grow their social media accounts. Once you set it up and create the content you’ll see that everything will fall into place and you’ll begin growing your real estate business from Instagram.

Let’s talk about your profile. The first thing you need to nail down is your bio. It’s what people see first when they visit your profile. You need a recent, professional photo of yourself that shows your personality. It should be cropped so that you can see your face clearly, a picture from your shoulders or waist up works well. To make it stand out more use an image with a bright-colored background or wear bright-colored clothes with a plain background to catch someone’s eye.


In your bio, your name line should include your name, your Realtor® title, and the area in which you sell real estate. This line is searchable and when you have these three components in the name section, people will be able to find you easier when they’re searching for an agent.


You can also search for a username. When deciding on a username, if your name or the name of your business is available, use that for it.


Your bio should include a clear and concise description of how you will help people. Be very specific so your people can relate to you. For instance, if you help homeowners sell their empty nests, include this in your bio description. Or, if you help homebuyers purchase their first home, share that here. 


Include your website address, if you don’t have one, use a free web link like Linktree or create a free landing page using a service like Mailchimp. Give a call-to-action in the bio description for your ideal dream customer to grab a freebie offered in your website link. The purpose of providing free information is to exchange it for your potential customer’s email address. Something like, a free list of homes with pools for sale, or homes that are walking distance to the beach, or a list of homes perfect for first-time homebuyers. You can also offer guides with information that helps your homebuyers and sellers solve a problem, like how to time selling and buying a home at the same time.


Moving on to your highlight bubbles, think of these bubbles as the Learn More section of a  website. The highlight bubbles are made up of Stories and you can add and update the bubbles with new stories that you post daily.


You should have a bubble for your customer testimonials and include videos from your customers. The best time to ask for a video testimonial is right at the closing table. Once your sellers and buyers leave the closing office, they’re thinking of hundred and one things they need to do next to move into a new home. You have to ask them before they leave when they’re done signing and they’re feeling happy and relieved that they just closed - that’s a great time to do it.


Have a highlight bubble dedicated each to your just sold homes and your newly listed homes. This will easily showcase your work and people can quickly reference it and see your successful track record.


Also, include a highlight for your personal stories. Your content should include personal stories that you want to share with your followers. You get to decide what you want to share, but share something to show that you are more than just a real estate agent. Some ideas could be your daily routines, your pets, your family or activities you enjoy doing.


Have a highlight bubble that is all about the area that you sell homes in. You are the expert in your town where you live, work, and play. Show it off with community tours about the best places to go there and store them in this highlight reel. 


Got tips for homeowners that you could share? Fill a highlight bubble with tips and tricks for home buyers and sellers. Help them out with how-to’s and provide resources that they’ll find interesting and valuable.


Create a cover image for each of your highlight bubbles and name them appropriately. One super simple way to add a cover image is to use a colored photo that matches your brand colors. If you have more than one color, use them all. 


Speaking of branding, your entire profile, including posts to the newsfeed, stories, videos and reels should all be branded with your colors. Your brand colors will help your dream clients identify you and recognize you when they see you somewhere else - like on a for sale sign in their neighbor’s yard.


Your Instagram feed doesn’t have to be perfectly cohesive - but it should have your brand’s color scheme woven throughout it to create a strong brand identity. 


A few ways that you can incorporate your brand colors is to use them in the fonts and text on your feed posts, same with stories. You can use them on your reels cover images and also on the text inside your reels videos. For an easy way to bring in your brand colors is to do a branding shoot with a local photographer wearing clothing that matches your brand. When you post an image of yourself, you’re bringing your brand to life!




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