How to Attract the Right Buyers & Sellers Using this Social Media Strategy

Did you know that people are searching for Realtors®, just like YOU, on social media right now?

It’s true. Just like you are looking for them, they are looking for their perfect agent.

In the blog post, How to Create Killer Content to Grow your Real Your Real Estate Brand on Social Media, it talks about what types of content buyers and sellers want to consume.


Content, itself, can only take you so far…if you want to attract the RIGHT home buyers and sellers…you also need to incorporate these 4 key elements into your social media strategy.

When searching, buyers and sellers are looking for someone to help them solve their real estate problems. Essentially, they’re looking for solutions, it’s your job to provide solutions for them. 

Use your social media posts to teach your dream buyers & sellers about real estate. Explain in detail what it takes to buy and sell a home so they can understand & learn the process.


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How to Create Killer Content to Grow Your Real Estate Brand on Social Media

What is social media content? What does social media content do for a real estate brand?

Let’s dive in…

Social media content is any sharing of valuable & relevant information such as in social media posts, stories & videos (long and short-form).

Content is intended to stimulate interest in a service but doesn’t necessarily promote the brand directly.

Social media content marketing is an integral part of building & promoting your real estate brand.

It is used to attract new buyers and sellers, create engagement and nurture your customer database and ultimately convert more leads into customers…this can all be done strategically with your content.

You may be wondering what type of real estate content should you post on social media that actually works to attract buyers & sellers?

>>> To attract new buyers and sellers, post:

  • Results-driven content (example: How to sell your home for more money in less time)

  • ...

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Do You Have this 1 Thing on Your Website to get more leads?

Many years ago I ditched the conventional ways of building my pipeline (open houses, door knocking, etc.) to online lead generation for real estate.

I built my real estate business around digital communications, before it was the cool thing to do, starting with email newsletters to my customers in the early 2000’s.

As a mom of two little kids, when they were newborn babies, I felt in my heart that to attract new buyers and sellers, the conventional methods of finding them was no longer going to work for me.

Bonus: Learn how to build your email list full of sellers here!

I was a new mom, raising babies, and wanted to spend every minute with them, but I also didn’t want to give up my career - basically, I wanted to do it all.

But, spending hours cold calling, door knocking and planning events was taking up all my time.

I had a very limited work schedule, sometimes 20 hours per week, so I had to find new ways of attracting my ideal customer that wouldn’t take up...

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