16 Ways to Communicate with Your Prospects

Let's talk real estate advertising, shall we?

Who doesn't want to be seen and heard and ultimately stand out against their competition? Here are some ways to brand yourself as a real estate agent and generate new leads.

As a mom of two little kids, I felt in my heart that to attract new buyers and sellers, the conventional methods of finding them was no longer going to work for me. I was a new mom, raising babies, and wanted to spend every minute with them, but I also didn’t want to give up my career, I wanted to do it all.

Watch the video here to see the apps and how I use them to find and communicate with prospects.

But, spending hours cold calling, door knocking, and planning events were taking up all my time. I had a very limited work schedule and had to find new ways of attracting my ideal customer that wouldn’t take up too much time. I had to find ways to communicate my message quickly and to a mass number of people

I went through the trial & error...

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