How to Fix Your Reels to Attract More Home Buyers & Sellers

As of today, Reels are the number one growth component for Instagram - which means they are acting as a major source of lead generation for Realtors® all over the world. When used strategically Reels can bring you hot prospective buyer and seller leads because they have the power to reach thousands of people in a short time. 


The more people you reach, the right people, the more engagement and followers you’ll get.


To attract the right people, you must use relevant real estate content in your Reels to show prospective buyers and sellers how you can help solve their real estate needs.


Once you’ve locked in your content strategy, and you’re confident about it, but you’re still not reaching new prospects with your Reels, try troubleshooting your Reels by asking yourself these 3 questions as you analyze your Reels’ performance.


Are you using trending audio?

Trending audio is audio that is gaining popularity through the...

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3 Things Your Real Estate Reels May Be Missing

Are your video views on Instagram and Facebook way down lately?


You’re making video Reels for real estate but still not getting traction on your page?


I’d bet you’re spending a ton of time making Reels (way too much time)…


…I get it, you want to see a return on your time investment in the form of new buyer and seller leads.


Your Reels may be missing a few key elements to them which could be the reason why they’re not reaching more people and bringing you new prospective buyers and sellers.


If you want to get more views on your Instagram & Facebook Reels, you must include these 3 components to catch the eyes of your ideal people!


Don’t miss the last tip - it’s an important one!



You have 3 seconds to grab a viewer's attention.

Include a short, concise headline of what your Reel is about, as on-screen text, in the first few seconds of the Reel.

This will...

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Don't Make These Reel Mistakes for Real Estate

Not getting any new leads from your real estate Reels? Is your Facebook & Instagram growth at a standstill even though you’re making Reels? There are a few mistakes that are being made that nobody is pointing out…let’s troubleshoot the reasons why you may not be seeing the results you want with your Reels.

1. Don't only do trends

Your Reels should include stories about who you are, what you do, how you will serve your home buyers and sellers and provide helpful information to help them meet their goals.

Trends are trending videos that use the same music, the same text and the same angle. If you're going to do trends, switch up the angle, the scene, or something that makes you stand out.

If you only make trending reels exactly like everyone else, you're going to look and sound the same as everyone else.

2. Don’t forget to use text

For your Reel to catch the eyes of serial scrollers passing by, add on-screen text to the Reel. Here's why:

  • Not everybody...
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