5 Reel Ideas for Real Estate Agents

I’m giving you five Reel ideas for Realtors (R). Reels are short-form videos on Instagram, that will strategically help you gain more followers and convert them into homebuyers and sellers. 

Hi, I’m Jill and I help female real estate agents get more eyeballs on them through social media content marketing and advertising strategies so that they can sell more homes. 

These short-form videos, called Reels on Instagram and similar to a TikTok video, are an excellent way of communicating your value to get more people following you and liking what you have to offer them.

The Reels game, let’s back up here for a minute, the social media game is not about how many followers you can get. It’s about having quality people connect and engage with you. People who, over time will begin to trust you and then will want to hire you.

You can accomplish the goal of selling more homes to your people on Instagram and Facebook without having 10,000 followers. I’m...

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3 Ways to Use Video to Sell More Homes

Branding in real estate is a full time job that requires time and effort to perfect. Many agents do not have a channel on YouTube for real estate. There are several other ways agents can use video in real estate to attract more customers and sell more homes.

When I first started hearing all of the leading real estate gurus say to use video in your business, to send a video message to your customer, I thought, How? Why? I don’t want to see myself in a video…what if I look awkward? What if I stutter or just sound plain silly? I brushed it off for a long time, making excuses like I don’t have time to film videos, or I don’t have any fancy video equipment or the technical know-how to make a video.

Bonus: Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Making Videos

But as I listened to my daily dose of business advice from my morning podcasts, I continued to hear the experts say, if you want to find more prospects, get more referrals and ultimately sell more homes, start using...

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10 Ways of How I Overcame FOMO on the Video Trend that are Easy to Do Right Now

If you’re thinking to yourself, I’d really love to participate in the video craze that is taking over social media right now, but you’re still very unsure of how you can actually pull off your own YouTube channel.

Maybe you have a fear of the little red button on your camera? Or, perhaps you feel you’ll stumble over your words when you hit the little red record button? Or what if this happens: your customers will watch your video and see you on camera?! GASP!

Well, have no fear, no more, because I’m here to help you!

Watch this video to learn 10 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Making Videos!

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As a content marketing strategist, I help real estate agents brand themselves and produce content that shows off who they are as a human and as a real estate agent in the best light so they can connect more with their...

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These 3 Video Ideas Will Make You Finally Get Your Video A-Game Together

Video is here and it’s here to stay. If you haven’t started using videos in your business yet, now is the time to start. It took me a long time to begin using it, but the minute I started creating videos for my audience, I started seeing immediate results with more referrals from my sphere of influence. Video truly works.

And just like writing a blog post, there are endless topics to expand on for your video content, but how do you narrow down the choices to choose the best ones? Watch the video now to learn a few ideas that will help get you started!

Be sure to grab the FREE Guide: Increase Your Social Media Followers with 7 Content Topics Every Real Estate Agent Should Use here!


As a content marketing strategist, I help real estate agents brand themselves and produce content that shows off who they are as a human and as a real estate agent in the best light so they can connect more with their ideal home buyers and sellers. 


Does creating content...

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